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Goals To know ABAP workbench environment
To be able to create simple ABAP programs, declare variables, to use built-in variables, define own local types, constants and variables.
To start debugger and do simple debugging
Position SAP/ABAP Developer
  • Navigate in the Workbench
  • Use F1 help
  • Create ABAP programs
  • Add objects to transport
  • Overview of basic ABAP statements
  • Declare and use elementary and structured types, constants and variables
  • Use IF and CASE, DO and WHILE statements
  • Test programs using the Debugger
  • Working with internal tables
Duration 2 days
Prerequisities You can use at least one other programming language, e.g. Pascal, C, Java


Course: ABAP OOP

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Goals Understand the concepts of object-oriented programming 
Creation of local and global classes
Position SAP/ABAP Developer
  • Analysis and design of classes
  • Local classes
  • Global classes (Class builder)
  • Polymorphism (abstract class, interface)
  • Superclass
  • Exception handling
  • OO Events
  • ALV Grid control using OO approach
Duration 4-5 days
Prerequisities Good knowledge of ABAP basics, reporting and dialogue programming



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Goals To be able to create simple screen-based dialogs 
To understand difference between executable program and module pool
Position SAP/ABAP Developer
  • Creation of screen-based user dialogues
  • Menu Painter
  • Screen objects: attributes, implementation, and processing
  • GUI status and title
  • Context menus, subscreens
  • Screen’s search help
Duration 5 days
Prerequisities You are able to create ABAP reports and to use selection screens. You know ABAP dictionary and creation of dictionary structures is making you no problems



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Goals To be able to create simple programs with selection screens
To do list processing
To understand and to use SQL statements
To create and to use function modules
Position SAP/ABAP Developer
  • Selection screens
  • List processing
  • Events
  • Dictionary objects (domains, data elements, structures, table types,  tables, views)
  • Search helps
  • Subroutines
  • Use function groups, function modules and BAPIs
  • Transactions creation
Duration 4-5 days
Prerequisities You are able to create simple ABAP programs and to use debugger