Learning programme

Vzdelávacie programy SAP akadémie pre jednotlivé cieľové skupiny budeme priebežne zverejňovať.


To have an overview of SAP system, basic navigation, SAP transaction codes.


To gain an overview of the business processes and tasks of FI, understand the basic structure and procedures of Financial Accounting in the SAP System. To have overview of SAP FI-CA module, understand basic business objects and processes.


SAP ABAP BASICS: To know ABAP workbench environment. To be able to create simple ABAP programs, declare variables, to use built-in variables, define own local types, constants and variables. To start debugger and do simple debugging.
SAP ABAP OOP: Understand the concepts of object-oriented programming. Creation of local and global classes.
SAP ABAP DIALOGUE PROGRAMMING: To be able to create simple screen-based dialogues. To understand difference between executable program and module pool.
SAP ABAP REPORTING: To be able to create simple programs with selection screens. To do list processing.To understand and to use SQL statements.To create and to use function modules.


To have an overview of SAP MM module and of MM processes. To have deeper understanding of work with SAP. To be able to create basic MM documents

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